Amber Bach Video 74

I've got a new scuba student... Sean, and this is not his first time for being late... however, it is his first time having sex underwater! And as an instructor, I am tired of having late students, it's taking time out of my day to deal with them, and then not have time for myself. My moments in the water are mine to enjoy, these moments put me into a meditative state... a state of underwater horniness; if you will. So, upon being late... Sean also forgot to bring his personal gear... fins, snorkel, mask.... WTF?! Don't they learn? Staying calm, but making the obvious known out loud. I am going to make sure that my naughty time underwater is not forsaken. After getting Sean settled into the gear and moving around the pool without issue, it's time to put my plan into motion. I'm not going to hurt him, by no means, but I'm going to take what I want, to make things right... at least in my mind! I pull and tug at Sean's shorts... at first he's reluctant... but with all my charm, it doesn't take long for me to persuade him into doing exactly what I want. I made sure my outfit (a nice bright yellow dive top & a new dive skirt.. with no panties! Oh how convenient!) was made to work on the spur of the moment notice... and after giving a hand job to blowjob, removing the regulator as needed, and then pulling my students cock and climbing right on top of it...the feel of his cock while underwater, breathing from the regulator, the moaning coming from me definitely says it all... all the way to the shot of seeing my student's cock explode underwater and seeing his cum dance in the water for me..... Mmmmmm now that's deserving of an A in my book!

Stills from the Video

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