Amber Bach Video 86

I do love having my girlfriend Carmen over for a day at my pool. She loves all the same things I do, swimming, breath holding, and diving.... underwater muff diving to be exact.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had the awesome swim suits that reminded me of yesteryear and thought it would be pretty hot to see two hot chicks underwater wearing these amazing suits and doing a bit of girl girl action. After showing Carmen she was all for it! As I knew she would be! So, after putting on our beautifully dazzling suits we got to the waters edge and got our weight belts on.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carmen had put on the silver jumpsuit with the black oval mask and I had put on the gold 80's style high waist thong suit with the clear oval mask. Both of us using black weight belts and grabbing the brand new fully operational hot pink underwater dildo, we walked into the water, grabbing our one regulator to share and sank to the bottom. Knowing how Carmen and I can be... we wasted no time in getting right down to business... If there was ever a hot girl on girl experience this would be it! As each of us went down the other girl controlled the regulator, trying to hold our breaths as we get the other to climax and have those amazing underwater orgasms... kissing, touching, squirming, fucking each other with the vibrating dildo... and seeing the actual pussy juices as we each cum coming out of those perfect little snatches.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wow, ok now its time for me to get back in the water... this has definitely got me hot all over again!

Date Added: 01/12/2016

Video Length: 13:15

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