Amber Bach Video 87

*My favorite roleplaying!!* ******Adventures In The Hood - Dorothy's Not in Kansas Anymore****** Dorothy and her little dog have been wondering for days when she came upon the home that had some strange amenities. She's never see a hot tub before... just her little bathtub back home and it was no where near the size of this thing! She sets her basket down with her little dog in it and goes to inspect the strange item. It's wet and not wanting her ruby red shoes to be ruined, she kicked them off before trying to climb in.------------------------------------------------------------------------------ She touches the water not sure what to expect... you know she's not in Kansas anymore and things are just not what they should be these days. The water is unbelievably warm... almost on the edge of being hot! So tempted... Dorothy dips her pantyhose feet into the water, feeling the water being absorbed by the stockings it gets her excited to go further.... fully dressed by not a care in the world about it she gets into the middle of the hot tub and slowly enjoys the waters embrace around her.------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Deciding that the best feeling in the world will be going completely under, feeling the water completely around her, touching her skin, causing her hair to flow, and making her hold her breath. Dorothy has never done any breath holding before and it's not long before she realizes that all this is a major turn on for her. She's unable to control herself pulling at her clothing, her breasts become exposed, moving her hands down her body to touch her wet pussy through the pantyhose. Ahhhhhh, all she could think of is the orgasm that this tub is causing her to feel.... the sensations, the desire to hold her breath, the need to sub cum to this erotic world.------------------------------------------------------------------------------ But wait... shes' been caught!!! This muscle bound man from this erotic world has found her floating in his hot tub and wants an explanation. But all Dorothy could concern herself over was getting home to Kansas. So, upon finding out his name is Mr. Aahz she figured that meant he was the wizard of this strange and erotic world and therefore he should know how to get her home.------------------------------------------------------------------------------ He told her that her best bet was to give him a blowjob, and upon the very moment that he would cum into her mouth she was to swallow it as she fell back into the water holding her breath and think of home... will this work? Will she make it home alive? There's only one way to find out....

Date Added: 01/19/2016

Video Length: 11:31

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