New Boyfriend for Amber

Amber brings her new Lover home to the house where her Old Lover still lives. She has told him to leave the house several times, but he wont go. So, she brings that new huge cock boyfriend of hers home to show her old lover how small his cock is compaired to her new lover. She and her new man tie the worthless little prick up and gagg him, and Amber strokes the new big cock right in front of him. She tells him how much she loves her new big cock, and that she left him for that big thing. She tells him how much he never could satisfy her, and, that he will never get her again due to that little prick he has. She humiliates the hell out of him, and makes him so jealous he tingles he tells her. She loves torturing him with that new big cock in her hand. Theres nothing he can do about it!

Date Added: 02/25/2008

Video Length: 09:23

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