Okay, you wanted to see me hike it up in public! Here you go. What a fun day I had. It started out driving in the car to the beach. I was getting warmed up in the car by pulling my big Tits out and practicing pulling my skirt up to show I had no panties on. I got a few cars along the way to notice what I was doing. Then once we got to the hotel, we went and grabbed a bite to eat. Of course, while eating my fish sandwich, my skirt blew up a few times exposing my cookie. (oh sorry, that was me). Had a few drinks, then went next door where there was lots of boy toys fucking me with their eyes. I liked it! My cookie got wet sitting on that bar stool and so I flashed some more...mmmm, I was so horny then. It was time to have it licked, so away to the room we went where I made my male partner eat some sugar cookie...lol. Enjoy.

Date Added: 09/28/2007

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