Ok, where do I start? What would you like to know? I'm sure everything, huh? Well, I'll do my best. I'm a compassionate, loving, honest, and down to earth. I'm very much a morning kind of person… as I feel that if I sleep in too long I've wasted the day. Even if my day is just filled with relaxing or getting things done… I need to be up. I find it very important to be around those you love and who love you. As well as those that are positive, upbeat and complimentary to your life and being happy. Carpe diem!!! Seize the day!! Always make yourself and those around you the happiest & fulfilled as you can. One of my favorite quotes is "Love as though you've never been hurt & dance as if no one is looking."

  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Shoe size: 6.5 depending on the shoe.
  • Dress size: 4
  • Shirt size: tight and low cut...lol
  • Panty size: medium
  • Measurements: 32DDD-26-34
  • Bra size: 34DDD
  • Height: 5'4
  • Weight: 110-115 pounds depending on how much I eat that day..lol
  • City Born in: Philadelphia
  • Astrological sign: Cancer

  • Me at Home:)

    Enjoying the Florida Sun

    I started dancing in 2002, and found I enjoyed being around others and making them feel good. Weather it was to get them hot and bothered or to just listen and be there as a friend. I had such a great time with it that I decided to start modeling. I was modeling by the summer of 2003. I was going to the bike events around Florida, which was a blast! You can meet so many wonderful people there. It was amazing to watch Jay watch the guys want to take my photos either with them or on their bikes! I started doing more and more that through one of my modeling portfolios someone found me. J That's when I started with the websites… I learned as much as I could. I wanted to show off for everyone. My fantasy is being with women, as you can see in my site. I do enjoy men just the same, that's Jay's fantasies. As being someone that always wants to please her man, is to give him what turns him on! :) It's a must to keep the relationship spicy!

    Mmmm hobbies I love the beach, working out (yes I actually like it), shopping (what girl doesn't) being outside, riding my bicycle, watching sports, traveling, the theatre, hiking, diving, and snorkeling… wow! I didn't realize that I had so many hobbies… oh yes I do love a good book! LOL... yes I read!! The summer is my most prized time of the year as I enjoy it most being outside. I feel that to keep busy and do the things you love to do is what keeps you young looking and young at heart. I guess that why I always feel so young! Speaking of young… my birthday is July 3rd, 1972. When I travel I love trying new things, new foods, and meeting new people! Tiki Bars or an outdoor seating is a way to my heart! Oh yes, don't forget the good food!! I enjoy a good bloody mary during the morning hours, or a margarita at happy hour! The only time I can really drink a beer is when the weather is burning hot, or with some chicken wings watching sports! Otherwise, if I'm just sitting down and chatting with friends vodka and juice is my favorite. I enjoy eating out especially with friends or family around. The more the merrier!! I love to go dancing also so the night clubs are good too, but not to do a lot of drinking as that's not really my thing.

    Me and My Crew

    Getting ready to shoot for you:)

    Oh speaking of food! I do like to cook. I like to try new recipes. However, I do always go back to my absolute favorite. Enchiladas!!! It's something my mother taught me and I can never seem to find anyone else that can make them anywhere near like hers! I was told when I get the chance I should try Rachel's cooking… well… maybe next time Rach! ;) I do love a great filet mignon, fish, chicken, pork, grilling out with friends is the best!! It's so relaxing when you can have an awesome day, invite a bunch of friends to come by with some food and drinks and just enjoy. I like sushi, but not all. Jay says that because I like California rolls that I cheat… LOL. But I do try to tell him that they are listed under the sushi roll menu. J However, I still do love a good burger with all the fixing's and French fries.

    I do love to go shopping!! What girl doesn't?? I know that Jay has a major foot fetish, so I know that so long I come home with some hot shoes he'll be happy! J I love new lingerie! It's always so hard to find things that will fit my 32DDD's! I want to do a few pics and vids in catsuits as I know that would show off my curves! Weather its leather, PVC, spandex, it doesn't matter… I find them to be quite hot! I've had a many of excited members send me some beautiful things over the years that I just love putting on and showing off. It's nice that I'm able to help personalize through the pictures and videos with things that you send as it makes me feel that much closer to you.

    Rumble, Rumble

    I'm always such a naughty girl

    I am a mother 2 times over and have enjoyed and do enjoy it! I was told that I wasn't the classic MILF as I look way to young! Either he was telling the truth of lying to me to butter me up. Either way I don't mind… lol. I do enjoy my animals as well. I have a black lab and some tropical fish. The fish don't always live but my lab will be around for quite some time… such the block head he is. Well I hope I was able to answer much of your questions, and if you have more I'm always willing to answer those as well! I love to answer emails as well as fulfill any requests (pics or vids) that you may have. So, make sure you send them my way! I hope you've enjoyed the all about Amber Lynn Bach, and I'm looking forward to spending many more years here entertaining & turning you (and myself) on!!!!

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