• Sometimes when I am asked to write a review of a site, I sign into it and wonder what the heck can I possibly say here? Not when I got onto Amber At Home, I was stuck thinking how am I ever going to shut up about this one. I wrongly assumed this was going to be one of those solo chick sites, with cutesy layouts and no cock, only friends named Sheri, Candi and anything else ending in an "i". I was please as punch to be proven completely wrong by this thirty-year old vixen. We recently had the opportunity to interview this gorgeous babe. Read the full interview transcript. First, she's hot and sexy rather than merely cute. Secondly, she's a slut, an honest to goodness whore who does it with gals, guys and toys on AmberAtHome, not just softcore stuff like doing laundry in the buff as I see other places. If you'd still like some solo action you can see some of it in her 241 galleries, although you'll still find the dildos and men in some sets too. She does pose in sexy lingerie but she has a tendency to flash some tits and ass or at least pull her panties up her love crack for you. There are 134 videos, which are downloadable in top-notch Windows Media format. It's a little tricky since you have to click the link to watch the episode before being taken to a screen where you can actually download them. I really appreciated seeing this horny woman do it with so many different guys not to mention with the chicks and the gadgets. As if all that fucking and playing around wasn't already enough, you also get access to six bonus sites, a link to live shows and an additional 128 feeds covering fetish and hardcore themes. Also new to the site is a live cam show from the Aziani network. She also is very good at updating her diary and in general, I have never seen a site that had erotic write-ups describing the links in so much sexy detail. I really like Amber At Home and have already become a big fan of Amber.

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  • Amber is at home and you wouldn't believe what she's been up to! When I first visited amberathome.com, it wasn't at all what I'd expected - some babe alone at home walking around naked and masturbating all over the place. Though there is some of that on the site, most of the time Amber isn't alone at all... lucky for her being the insatiable big-titted (and I mean huge!) whore that she is! ...I found scenes of some very skillful cocksucking and muff diving, toys of all shapes and sizes, tit fucking and even some pole dancing... There is so much raunchy action that she gets herself into with both guys and girls alike - sometimes both at the same time! After some browsing, I found scenes of some very skillful cocksucking and muff diving, toys of all shapes and sizes, tit fucking and even some pole dancing and scenes of her drinking cum out of wine and martini glasses! Oh, Amber is so kinky and innovative! And by the way, she isn't actually always at home in her scenes but I mean really, who cares? There is so much raunchy action that she gets herself into with both guys and girls alike - sometimes both at the same time!

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  • Amber At Home is the personal site of er Amber.. and her many friends and guests. Its one of the more professionally done amateur sites out there, and has a huge collection of her videos from the last few years. Amber is a busty 30 year old, and when I say busty, I really mean busty. She has 32DD tits, and a great looking set of them too, not too saggy, and amazing looking for a natural pair of huge tits, just right for.. anyway, I digress. Amber At Home is a real example of how an amateur site should be done. It has great contact with its members, and a great layout system. It also seems to listen to ideas from its members and has videos that cover most themes under the sun. From couples to voyeurism, and even some videos from some other people. The site has a really nice selection between videos and pictures, and unlike a lot of other sites, the picture sets aren't just a selection of stills from a video, which gives a great reason to check out both sections. The only downside to this is sometimes the picture sets are so good you really want to see the set in action. This site is a shining example of how people in the amateur community should act if they want to make it big. Treating the fans well, and keeping everyone happy. The videos are all great, and have a lot more to offer than even the previews suggest, going much further into the scenarios than you would assume. Amber seems like a genuinely nice horny girl who gets off on this site, rather than being in it for the money, and this really shows in her videos and attitude to the site. For all the newbies to the site, luckily there is a "best of" video, collecting all the best videos from the last year into one great compilation, believe me, if you join the site, that's the first video you should download, it's a great introduction as well as containing lots of really horny clips, and will defiantly inspire you to look for the full versions of those videos.

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  • At first glance, we thought Amber would be another big-boobed gal that trudges through the motions, glazy-eyed and ready to move on. Why? Because we have seen it time and time again. But boy were we wrong! We were pleasantly surprised when we really got in and dug around this one. Amber is an amateur gal that has incredibly large boobs. We aren't talking DD here either...we are talking MUCH bigger than that. She also has a very beefy pussy and a large clit. We say this is the nicest way possible, as we love her pussy. It is bald and beautiful! Amber is not a string thin model type, but she is not by any means fat, either. She is a normal sized (besides the boobs), real girl. Her videos are true amateur videos, which we were surprised to find, but very, very pleased once we did. Her mate, Jay, films their exploits, from fucking on the washing machine to inviting a girl friend over to "eat out!" Jay makes several appearances himself in these movies, mostly his cock anyway. This is a real couple that shoots real footage of their sexcapades. This, folks, is REAL AMATEUR! One video that is a must see on this one is the one that she does right after doing a photo shoot. She claimed the shoot made her horny, so Jay took care of that. The great part of amateur videos such as this is the real orgasms that they have. Amber has a real one while Jay is eating her pussy. She moans and shakes like a leaf on a tree. After she cums, she rewards Jay by letting him fuck her from behind on the couch, and then riding his cock like it was a pony (reverse cowgirl no less!). A very nice, true orgasm here! Also be sure to watch her and Karinne go at it with a dildo and a vibrator. Amber and Jay tie her to the bed and have their way with her, Jay getting his cock sucked by her and eventually, they make her cum with a vibrator. And when Karinne cums...well, she cums hard. A surprisingly great amateur site. Very real videos and very real people. This is what you look for in an amateur site! ... 9 out of 10

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