Amber At Home Video 002


21 minutes, 49 seconds  of video

Dont know about you... but I just loooovvvveee playing with my toys... especially when they're new!! I bought myself a g-spot toy and a new lil silver bullet... I was sooo horny and wanting to take them for a test run that I put my video camera on a tri-pod so you could watch me .... the end result... AWESOME!!!

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Amber Video 001


15 minutes, 58 seconds  of video

My girlfriend Rachel St. Claire came by today... can you say wow! I actually had a guy friend over and asked if he wouldn't mind taking some hot photos and then even a video of all the hot action... wow, her pussy was sweet! Mmmmm

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Amber At Home


9 minutes, 7 seconds  of video

I love shooting with a cute photographer, it makes the shoot so much more fun. I get extremely turned on from it also! This time, I was so turned on by it, as was he, that we just started going at it toward the end of the shoot. He took me and bent me over and rammed his cock in me. Once he was ready to explode, I wanted to taste him so I bent down and took it all over my face. We had so much fun, and will be shooting together again soon I hope.

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Tie me up


15 minutes, 7 seconds  of video

Tied up, bound, and gagged... mmmmm now there's a way to get all hot and horny! I do love a good bondage moment... it gets my blood flowing and my pussy sooooo wet just with the thought of it! Then let the teasing begin... the touching with a bit of denial, getting used as a lil toy.. Mmmmm guess my really naughty side is showing!

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Amber At Home


6 minutes, 38 seconds  of video

Mmmm Don't just love an old fashiong blow job? Mmmmmmm me too! Cum watch!

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Fucking the Limo Driver


12 minutes, 27 seconds  of video

Well, I had been invited to go to a fetish party, and even hired a limo company to pick me up so that I wouldn't drink and drive. However, when he got there, I figured I best take care of the tip up front.. :-) So, I had a little fun with the driver... I'm sure he didn't mind..

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