Amber At Home


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Don't you just love sitting in a hot tub? I know I do, however as you can see things get a bit heated up and I just had to remove the tiny bikini. Of course things get heated much more when it comes off! Hope you like my steamy strip for you. Amber

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Amber At Home


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I love wearing pink! Check out this cute little dress with polk-a-dots even. I felt so sexy and fun in this... and of course you know me... no panties!!! My tits popping out in just the right way! Mmmm, I had so much fun doing these for you. Watch as I undress just for you... :)

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Black Corset


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A shot or two of me from Buzz when I was out in AZ. I will be back out again at the end of the month. He shoots really good pics of me, I like em. The corset was a bit, but I think my boobs hanging out is not a problem with any of you? LOL. Hope you like them.

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July 4th Weekend


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Having a little fun by the pool before heading over to Daytona Beach for the 4th of July weekend. They were having the big coke zero race there this weekend, so I wanted to show off my checkered flag bikini. I just love the 4th of July, its my favorite time of the summer. Beach, fireworks, tans and lots of hot bodies....I hope you like this one. How about those heels in the pool? Remember, slippery when wet! xoxo, Amber

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Scuba Girls


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This is Nikki and I during our underwater shooting. We both got so hot for each other that we wanted to get each other off. However, the rain came in and we decided to take it to the bedroom. We were so turned on and wet! She's going to the keys with me in a couple of weeks! That's going to be hot!

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Ms. Cleaver


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Tell me what do you think, do I look like \"Leave it to Beavers\" Mom? Better yet, would you take me out to dinner in this dress? I love this dress, I feel so fricking professional and sexy all at the same time. I love wearing it to the office, the boys just stop and stare wondering whats on under it. LOL. I love teasing my co workers, big time. Enjoy, Amber

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