Mistress Venus, Slave amber


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All bound up! Nothing like a little bondage now and then! Check these devices out, No way I could get away from this. My master had me tied up as his little pet, when his other love slave Venus stepped in on the action and thought it would be fun to tickle torture me. She got me, but wait until you see what my master allowed me to do to her in an upcoming picture set. A little hint, she is tied to the celing with no where to go....he he.

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White Jumper


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Tell me what you think of this? I really want to hear your opinion in an email guys! I love this hot little jumper. I thinks its extremely sexy. I went to the Daytona 500 just the other day in this.....Oh my, all of the many guys there didn't have to email me to let me know what they thought...LOL. I got lots of whistle and lots of looks just walking around. Even the girls were telling me they wanted to get with me. I was having so much fun! What a beautiful day, and what a cool race. My first time being at a NASCAR Race. Way cool. I think I may have to attend more of those. Let me know if your thoughts. Mua, Amber

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Smoking Fetish


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For all of you with a smoking fetish...this is for you. A glass of wine, and a smoke is what I like at Happy Hour. This is what it looks like under my dress while I sip and smoke and make eyes at boys and girls I like! he he. Nothing like getting picked up by some hunk during Happy Hour....Mmmm I love that. If you ever see me out, come sit and have a cigarette with me and lets talk about the first thing that pops up! LOL. Mua, Amber

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My photographer was turned on, as was I, that we started having sex toward the end of the shoot. He took me and bent me over and rammed his cock in me. Once he was ready to explode, I wanted to taste him so I bent down and took it all over my face. We had so much fun, and will be shooting together again soon I hope. Be sure to see the cum all over my tits at the end of the shoot.

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Foot Job


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My Big Dicked buddy has never had a foot job, so he gets his first one from Amber. What hot little feet huh? Size 6 all over that big stick, and I make him cum all over my pretty little soles. He is now hooked on feet. This is for all of you foot fetish people. Hope you like. Mua, Amber

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Amber Drills Brit's Pussy


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It's Britney and I again, this time in some bikinis and having fun with our little vibrating toy. Wew!!!!.... when that thing starts to tickle our clits we get so excited. It feels so good guys....and here we take turns making each other cum by the pool. This little girl is my favorite new play toy. She comes over a lot and makes me feel good...and in return I do the same. We are really getting to like each other, in more than just a sexual way too. Its so exciting having a hot little girlfriend. Mua, Amber

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