Amber Lynn Bach Video 70


16 minutes, 9 seconds  of video

Georgia is Peter's step daughter... and she's been desperately wanting some attention from him.... but not like you think. She does everything she can to get the EXACT kind of attention that she WANTS, and her tactics are definitely working. Calling him "Daddy" make him feel loved... but what she's wanting is the love of his cock... Does he give in to her? What would you do if Georgia was your college age step daughter?

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Amber Lynn Bach Video 64


16 minutes, 53 seconds  of video

Don't you just love the holidays?? I know I do and well, so does my girlfriend!!! Carmen brought over a few things hidden in baskets and we had our very own little egg hunt.... and yes there was a bit more than eggs in our baskets!!!

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Amber Lynn Bach Video 72


11 minutes, 33 seconds  of video

My Mom Satisfies Me Better than My EX Now my older step-son has his head on straight and is such a loving young man... which is why when Steven had been moping around since his girlfriend dumped him 6 months ago it was time to intervene. I know the rest of the family was tired of hearing the depressing music coming from his room being played all day, as well as his seriously unnaturally poor attitude that had seemed to consume him. Something has to give! So, when he came into the den reading her text messages that he's saved to his phone for the umpteenth time, I had to do something for my poor step-son. "Mom, she's the best I've ever had, no one can ever compare to her!" Well, I had to show him that his step-mom was just as good as his ex was in satisfying him; if not better.

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Amber Lynn Bach Video 66


16 minutes, 55 seconds  of video

Carmen & I loved working tonight at the club... even noticed the new toy they brought in. She and I had to try it out... and boy was it ever some naughty fun! Of course, there is always that creepy guy that is still around at the club after hours we had to deal with... but that did not stop us from enjoying our moments on the Sybian!!

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Amber Lynn Bach Video 68


17 minutes, 19 seconds  of video

Ever wanted to see what it's like to be called to actually do a porn shoot? Well this guy had his chance... was his interview and audition good enough to make it to the next level? You'll have to watch to find out for yourself. I've never been fond of the first timers just for specific reasons.... they become intimidated by all the lights, the people staring at them, their lack in ability to ad lib in role play, and even more so, you don't know how well they can perform or at all. To add insult to injury, I have to say those that think they're all that and can do it .... but in the end just a limp dick and a terrible lay.... well that's the worst!

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Amber Lynn Bach Video 65


16 minutes, 8 seconds  of video

Ever have one of those days where someone is always treating you badly.. and for no good reason? Well, Peter decided to give me a present today! I got to teach this pretty little thing a lesson in bad behavior... and even allowed Peter show her a thing or two also! I do like having a bit of fun with my "new" friend... and I'm pretty sure she liked it too!

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