Going out Tonight


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Just about to head out for the evening and wanted you to see me before i did. Im heading downtown to meet some of the girls just like this. Not sure what kind of trouble I/we will get into this evening, but I hope its fun. I wouldn't mind coming out of my clothes later on this tonight as I do in this picture set! (wink). I love when I man takes my clothes off though, oh my thats my favorite. It gets me so worked up and ready for him. I may just find the perfect guy to do so. mmmm, xoxo Amber

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Sexy in Arizona


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Mmmmm, some South Western Love. My recent visit to Arizona brought a great tan, a loving attitude and an appetite for some desert fun. Before going out one evening, I wanted to get some shots with the Mountains in the background. Off of the balcony of my hotel, I did just that. Being out by the pool a few days before, my tan was perfect and my skin felt really good. I felt so sexy! Hope you think so too. xoxo, Amber

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White Stockings


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Had a request from Nick in Missouri. He told me he wanted to see me in pink! So here you go Nick, and by the way, thanks for the stockings hon. Be sure to email me and tell me what you think. I love how I look in this shoot by the way, I think its really sexy. Mua, Amber

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Okay, you wanted to see me hike it up in public! Here you go. What a fun day I had. It started out driving in the car to the beach. I was getting warmed up in the car by pulling my big Tits out and practicing pulling my skirt up to show I had no panties on. I got a few cars along the way to notice what I was doing. Then once we got to the hotel, we went and grabbed a bite to eat. Of course, while eating my fish sandwich, my skirt blew up a few times exposing my cookie. (oh sorry, that was me). Had a few drinks, then went next door where there was lots of boy toys fucking me with their eyes. I liked it! My cookie got wet sitting on that bar stool and so I flashed some more...mmmm, I was so horny then. It was time to have it licked, so away to the room we went where I made my male partner eat some sugar cookie...lol. Enjoy.

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Amber Hardcore


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Little ole me in some new capri pants....and of course, this is what happens quite often when I wear something like this. lol. I love the way these tighties hug my ass, they feel so good rubbing against my clit as I walk. Its like having a tongue down there licking my clit each step I take. I hope you like these close up shots of me getting cock in me. I also get the pearl necklace to go with my outfit at the end. Hope you like. Mua, Amber

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Kitchen Table


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I thought you might want to see how me in some office clothing. I have had a few requests lately for it and some of you want to know about my boss fling. This is pretty much how it goes when the boss wants me to come into his office and have a little fun with me. I get a few days off, and he gets a few loads off...lol. He always wants me to strip down and do a little show on his desk just like im doing here. He says its a tease to see what he is about to get. By the time I get done, he's rock hard and ready for me. We tell the rest of the office we are going over some clients folders to get on the same page, so not to interupt. I wonder what they think when I let an occasional scream!!??. xoxo, Amber

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